Industrial Trinings & Course

Apidae provides services in the area of IT training, Consulting etc. Apidae provides intense training programs for aspiring jobseeker's and corporate's to help them further learn and enhance their technical skill sets. Apidae is the best institute for students to develop their programming abilities in different I.T courses. The training is provided by professionals and Corporate faculties holding ample training experience, to guide student's with the work culture of most IT companies. Course training is accompanied by live project experience, which makes the candidates ready to be absorbed in the industry.

JAVA(Core & Advanced) Training

Most companies namely the big ones like TCS, Infosys, Tech Mahindra, etc. have their software’s coded on Java frameworks. Java frameworks are highly versatile and known for their reliability and stability. Everything from banking systems to ERP systems and even something as basic as attendance logging software’s are coded in java. We provide - Java| Springboot| JSP|

BigData & Hadoop

As per current analysis, 65% of the fortune 100 companies are using Big Data which shows there is definitely a huge career opportunity. Hadoop is an open source software framework that stores and process Big Data. Is is built on Java Platform and strong focus on improving data processing and can process high volume and variety of data to create valve for business. We provide you - Bigdata Hadoop Developer | Administrator | Hadoop Analyst |Sapark & Scala |Data Science|Mapreduce | Hue | Pig | Hive | Oozie | Sqoop | Impala | MongoDb | Spark |Scala

Learn Python - Classes

Python is the World's Fastest Growing Programming Language. Python is also very popular with developers across the world. Python is an object-oriented, high-level programming language. A High-Level programming language is a programming language in which one need not have to code to the micro-level and that the language handles most tasks by itself rather than have a programmer or developer to create each and every micro function like in C language. Due to this Python Programming Language is considered as a simple, easy to learn & clean programming language capable of handling complex tasks.

Sofware Testing & Software Testing Training

What Is Software Testing?
Software testing is the act of checking the correctness and the accuracy of the software before launching it to the consumer. Software testing also consists laying down the the process and the final goal of developing the software. Software’s just like human beings go through various stages and testing of the software has to vary based on the phase the software presently is in. This is known as the Software Development Life Cycle and Software Testing Life Cycle.

Manual Testing In Manual Testing there is a human tester who has a checklist of modules he has to check in the software and a flow to how the responses that should be derived. In case a software does not deliver the desired output a Manual Tester has to make a note of these inefficiencies to be forwarded to his superiors or the development team. |bug tracking tools |Manual testing functionalities & types | how get it work etc.

Automation Testing In Automation Testing a human allots an automated tool to complete his task for him. This reduces the monotony of repeating every step over and over again as also reduces the chances of errors/lapses while testing. For this an Automation Tester makes use of various automation testing tools developed by HP, IBM and open source tools as well. we privide - Selenium | java |frameworks etc.